Monday, July 25, 2016


It's been two years folks. It's good to be back.

Recently I've noticed a lack of 'how to' information on Reed making. I theorize that it's partially because reed making styles are sometimes closely gaurded by those who adhere to cultish exactitude on Reed making strategies. It's also the case that though some kids learn how to start making reeds in highschool many are often clueless until college, when they are *forced* to start making their own. I'm hoping there's still room for me to put out my two cents on Reed making. I personally believe that whatever strategy works for you is what works for you. You don't have to make reeds any one particular way, you become your own craftsman. Heck, I've met at least ONE seasoned professional who makes it a point to make ANY reed sound incredible. Then he gets payed big bucks to play on it. I once heard him say "and my student found this one under a couch.." as he starts to play on something resembling a reed, but mostly cat hair... Ok that's an exaggeration but there was hair on it and it did look pretty sad. BUT it sounded fine.
So the opinions are fairly polarized.

ANYWAYS I intend to put out a series of videos that shed a little light on the complicated process of making reeds. I will of course be happy to answer specific questions via email or video chat. (You'll have to email me to set up vid chat)


You will also need a plaque. (Not featured)

My mandrel is double sided but yours does not need to be! You can get two separate tools, just as long as you have a 'shaping mandrel' and a 'forming mandrel'

Tools to avoid: throat reamers.
Yes they're cheap.. And for good reason. Steer clear. Popkin makes the best regular reamer, opt for titanium.

There are a HUGE variety of knives you can buy, a really simple one that you can sharpen yourself is featured. Technically it's an oboe knife.

When you go to order your mandrel tips and drying rack (not featured) you can find them at Forrests the Double Reed Specialists

The tip clipper is made by Rieger. Still going strong, you can probably get that from Forrests too..

Make sure your pliers have 3 sections, one for rounding, one for clipping wires and one for grabbing wires.

ROM Double Reeds made my steel 'knife sharpening rod.' It is the simplest sharpening tool I have ever found and works well when you already have a good sharpening job on your blade of choice. It's a one tool wonder and doesn't require oils and clean up requires only your shirt tip. How's that for low maintenance?! Disclaimer: this is a good tool to have but not imperative for beginners.  

Alrighty then! Go forth and get thee some Reed tools! Don't forget to email if you have questions! Until I post my follow up vids, cya.

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