Sunday, February 15, 2015

Long Distance

Let me tell you, life as as starving artist is pretty crazy, especially in one of the fastest gowing cities in the nation. I love Austin but the rent is skyrocketing and driving away the artists, who like myself, were just scraping by. I'm in a somewhat more stable place now out in Nebraska, it's never where I saw myself living and I don't wish to stay for long. However I have family out here so it's been really good for my mental and emotional health. Thanks family :) *hugs*

Since I've been out here I've encountered some amazing opportunities! I got to play with the Omaha Symphony (first time with a pro symphony!! woohoo!!) and I'm currently working as a stage manager with the Lincoln Symphony. Those things have been great fun. Jeff McCray, the professor at UNL was kind enough to give me a lesson since I've been here. (thank you!) I also got to meet an amazing accordion player named Julia who plays locally in small venues. She too studied classical music and we had a lot of fun busting out some tango pieces. Bassoon and Accordion actually sound pretty cool, it's kind of like the guitar and bassoon duo I had, but much louder and somewhat more brash. Playing with accordion doesn't require the same amount of dynamic sensitivity that classical guitar does (ie playing at 50% volume) but that's good because I've been working with the same reed for a month now and really need to make another... hahahaha.

Lemon Bar was scheduled to put out our first tracked recording this past fall, however there were a few hitches in the road and the production date got pushed back.. indefinitely. I am very excited to say that this is about to change because I have *awesome* friends/colleagues who made it a point to help me finish this project. (thanks guys!!) So we're doing it, long distance style!

The percussionist, Daniel Fears, who incidentally filled in on bass guitar for my recital when we premiered "None More Black" back in 2013, will be recording himself from his studio in New Haven. He is currently finishing up a masters of music at Yale in bass trombone performance, and yes he is an amazingly multitalented, driven, and wonderful individual. Check out his work here.
Josh Edwards, our new recording guy, will be helping our gifted pianist Hanna Lee record herself in Austin and then he will mix the track. Josh is currently completing his bachelors at UT Austin with a concentration on electronic and computer music. He is a classical guitarist and has studied with respected instructors such as; Adam Holzman, Chad Ibison and Isaac Bustos.

Then there's the bassoonist, who doesn't have a studio but instead tried to record this past weekend from her auntie's bedroom because that's where the acoustics were best. lol

So there you have it! New Haven, Nebraska and Austin! Fingers crossed y'all!!

and remember, when life gives you lemons, make Lemon Bars! ;)

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