Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lemon Bar!!!

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I don't talk about it much on my blog, but I've started a band and it's called Lemon Bar. I've been writing for the band since last August (right before I graduated). Check out our recordings on SoundCloud!!

The first piece is called Integration

The second is Superhero

People have been really responsive to our music which is SUPER EXCITING. So far the band has 3 gigs lined up;
June 7 in Smithville for Olde World Bakery
Guns and Giggles, a comedy venue on June 14 and
Red Eyed Fly, July 25th

I'm really exited. :)

The recordings aren't even that great and are completely live, recorded in a classroom with my handy cam zoom. No mixing etc. We'll get better ones at some point, this is all we could do with the resources and rehearsal time available. This is good because it means that when we have the time to tighten up our performance, we'll sound even better.

Both pieces have their own history.

Integration got its name because it is dedicated to my late grandfather Robert Clark, who passed away in January 2014. He was an accidental hero because he unwittingly integrated the Topeka YMCA back when segregation was on its last limbs on a national level, but still a seemingly insurmountable issue in Topeka. The piece pays homage to the idea of integration by taking a classical motif and a jazz motif and... (dun dun dunnnn) INTEGRATES THEM. lol

Superhero got its name simply because our drummer at the time thought that the raw idea behind the piece sounded like a superhero theme. He was trying to tease me, but fortunately our keyboard player was able to smooth over some of the hard lines... needless to say I was not trying to write movie music.. haha


Vic said...

Katie, you are an amazing young woman. Have fun with the band!

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