Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Graduate School!!!

Wire placement measurements as promised in my Reed Tutorial 1

Some very exciting stuff has been happening and it's time for an update!

The fabled recording of "When Life Gives you Lemons" may ACTUALLY be completed in the upcoming year of 2017. Who knew making a recording like this would be so difficult, it's been an uphill battle for sure. Our first audio engineer dropped the project due to sudden lack of interest, and the second audio guy dropped off the face of the planet evidently... If you want anything done right you've got to do it yourself I guess. lol *dies a little inside*
Now that I have a computer again, I will be able to complete the recording myself and give credit to the brilliant work that has already been put in by the talented performers involved. *fingers crossed!*

In other news I am going back to graduate school for bassoon. Not sure where just yet, but I'm very excited by all the excellent options presenting themselves.

Currently I am working on a project to make learning how to make reeds less daunting for intermediate bassoon students. Some of my current students are starting to ask basic reed related questions so I'm optimistically hoping to make a series of short videos that answer questions pertinent to the daunting tasking of making your own reeds. The first tutorial is just past the first draft phase, I will post that video to this post when we finally decide to make it public. After that video is finished I'm hoping to make even shorter videos that shine light on specific issues that come up regarding the "how to" and where to find the correct materials to use, so your feedback is critically important! Ask me your questions via email and I will do my best to answer them in a video. :)


Until next time, thanks for reading :D

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