Sunday, May 16, 2010


I just left Rochester, I stayed just long enough to say one last goodbye to the Judds (thank you Mrs. Judd for the card!) who by the way are probably some of the best people on this planet. They took me in and became a second family to me, they nurtured me mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally- as well as provided a little Godly perspective (the most expensive commodity on the modern market.) I also got to see Luke, Andre, Jeremy, David Wygert., David Fisk, Tim, Ellie, Ashlee, Alex, Bopp, and Brett graduate. It was a good class. Sitting through that graduation ceremony watching all my friends graduate made me feel like I graduated with them- it's fun to think of all the places we're going to. Luke is going to PA, Andre to France, Jeremy to WA, David W. to TX, David F. to CO (and then where I'm not sure...) Tim and Ellie I have no clue, Ashlee and Alex are going to FL, Bopp to CA, Brett to Yale (which is a location...)
I am going to miss people so much, I finally decided about transferring and I am going to Texas.
I was just thinking to myself on the flight to JFK, "wow, I must have really enjoyed sophomore and freshman year- so much so that I was desperate to redo them! ugh. Maybe I'll get it right this time"
But I ran into an eastman mom on the flight to JFK and she told me about how her daughter had to transfer from a great music school to study with someone else in Eastman- which makes me feel less bad about leaving Eastman- if it can work for this girl it can work for me. Everyone keeps telling me how beautiful and bursting with creative energy Austin is, I'm so glad to be heading to this environment. haha I've never been to Austin- it may seem crazy that I want to go to a place I've never seen before but I think it will be ok. I have reasonable guarantee that it will be worth it. ;) I'm excited about the idea that I can pursue my insane idea of learning jazz bassoon. haha I have almost no talent for it- but it's getting better considering how little time I put into it. It's also helping me to improve as a bassoonist.
I'm sad that I only get 1 month with my family, in the midst of which is Orientation, which means a quick trip to Austin, then back home, then Aspen and then it's straight to TX. Whew. I don't cope well with new things, or change...

Ugh, I need to learn this etude for my lesson on friday and the etude is hard... it wouldn’t be so bad, but I haven’t played in 2 and half weeks, so I’ve got some practicing to do. I probably won’t even get through the whole etude at the lesson. As for lessons, I get to teach my little bassoonists starting tomorrow! I’m excited. I love my students and I love teaching them. It’s so great to see their eyes light up when you tell them something they’ve never heard before.
The plan for this summer is to get fit already. I try to do this every year... but I think I may be able to actually make some headway this time. And since I’m going to Texas I won’t have to worry about being holed up for 4 months at a time due to miserable weather conditions. And it sounds like the food will be better too. :D

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