Sunday, April 25, 2010

I just realized that I haven't been posting my previous posts, one of them only consisted of a couple sentences, but the last one was several paragraphs long! so I posted old info.
Finals are coming up, it will be the end of my Sophomore year (and possibly last) year at Eastman. I'll know for sure on the 1st of May. It's going to be crazy between now and then. UT reaccepted med *yay!* and there was much rejoicing. Now we're just finagling credit issues. I've been going to a music school for the past year so I actually have almost as many academic requirement from this school as musical... lol I just lurrrrve academics...
but whatevs, maybe if UT is particularly understanding I'll be able to fulfill some of those online over the summer.

It's raining outside after a gorgeous week and church was weird today because pastor was out of town- so we're acting like weird charismatic church. haha I only say that because the elder opened the service.. for an HALF HOUR haha and then we had some emotive dude from an abortion clinic (who may or may not have actually opened his Bible) lecture us on how we need to realize how terrible abortion is. It was a good lecture, and I agreed with him on most everything. However it didn't have the Law/Gospel approach I have come to expect in sermons. I've been spoiled. And there wasn't too much structure, just a lot of good ideas strung together. At LEAST we didn't have a praise band, but my understanding is that will change Next week since some of my Eastman friends (blushes) are actually going to help us institute some good ol' Mosaic practice in our New Testament service. Thanks guys, Uzza thanks you.
I'm going to have to leave for the RPC pretty soon. lol

I actually like the rain, it makes me feel like the world is taking a shower- and I am all in favor of cleanliness. no joke.
It's also very calm spring rain, slightly warm and friendly. but this is just subjective artistic rot. Reality says I just got a hair cut and the humidity is doing it's best to ensure that I have a fro. Admittedly I'm still very very white, but my hair is confuzzled.

btw I've a new word for pop-culture. It's called "Fizzual" like the words; visual, physical, and fizzy all mashed together. It could totally make it. Never mind that it was something that I came up with in a TA meeting for aural skills... hehehe
tiz ultimate nerdiness me thinks...

This past week was jury week, and I didn't actually have a jury. It's a good mix. XD

By the way, I just want to thank all of the people who have been praying for me in this transferring thing, I've tried to be really cool about it, but it's been driving me crazy. Your prayers are very very much appreciated.
Today was also fun because we made fried tortillas, taco meat, mac'n'cheese and we chopped some onion. We played catch with a small stress ball and also "see who can hit Luke while he vacuums as many time with the ball in the most witty combinations possible." Luke's a good sport. haha

Well, I was supposed to be reading reformed books, but then I got distracted. I don't like reading anyways. I like hearing, arguing, intellectualizing, but analyzing written material is not ma fav... which is bad for the academic world. Good thing I'm a music major. lol

ok peace, I can't write anymore and there's no way you could read another word of this. XD

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