Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Good news and bad news. I was accepted at UT Austin and offered significant scholarships, bad news is that they rescinded their offer shortly afterwards. Why? It's confusing but it all started with the application that I submitted. Evidently there was a typo. I must have put down that I had been attending Eastman since Spring of 2010 instead of Fall '08. I have literally NO idea how I could have done that and would like to blame the way the online application saves it's data.. or not.
Anyways they operate under the assumption that my application is correct and never request my Eastman transcript, which I remember thinking odd at the time but dismissed since it seemed logical that they would wait until after my credits here are complete, aka when this semester's grades have been added to my transcript. And that's why I didn't submit my Eastman application by the deadline March 1. *whew*
So they accept me and there was much rejoicing. Then I start thinking about how many years I will actually end up spending there, and in order to calculate that number I send them my Eastman transcript so that my existing credits can be added to my degree audit page. Well the next morning I get an email from admissions saying;

"Good Morning Kathryn,

blah blah blah your transcript that we never asked you for is being considered late and we don't want you anymore. If you don't like this, write us a letter and we'll think about it.

All the most sincerest and very best,

Your friendly admissions people"

The part that stuck with me is the "Good morning Kathryn," I love it when people say good morning. It's so cheerful. I hate mornings, I hate how I feel in the morning. Most of the time I just want to crawl back into bed. That aside, I always enjoy a cheerful "good morning" it makes life seem less bleak at that hour.

So I appealed their decision, I'll call them in a few days and we'll see what happened.

On top of that, I wasn't chosen from the finalists at Curtis, but at least it was a great experience. Philadelphia was awesome, the people were awesome to me, and I learned a lot about playing under pressure. One big thing is alway ignore the judges. They may be smiling, laughing, passing notes, staring off into space, staring straight at you, writing little notes when you make mistakes, just don't think about it. Because as soon as you mess up, it's all over and they call the next candidate.

Today was fun, and way busy. I have run out of money on my college food plan and am therefore forced to buy food from restaurants and stores. So I got real breakfast this morning. It was good. I have discovered that I really like breakfast, I might get up early just to eat some tomorrow. It's not a luxury that I usually have time for, I usually stick to the nutrigrain bar and some apple juice to tide me over until I can get brunch which doubles as lunch. Today my chamber group, a sextet known at Eastman as "the Sexytet" went to Fischer college and gave an oral and musical presentation. Each member of the group said a little something about the composer, the use of instruments and then we played. It was a good performance. That was the second presentation I had to do that week, the first was for German film class, which is awesome. I love prof. Steingrover. She is so inspiring! She makes me want to be a better student- and to take german, I'm just so scared of all the time it would take!

Despite all the dull drab and awful, summer plans have been set. I will be attending Aspen summer music festival in CO, and it should be fun. If nothing else, I will get to study in Nancy Goeres studio for 8 weeks. Valentin has told me so many good things about her, I almost applied to Carnegie Mellon (where she works) but that didn't end up happening.

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