Friday, July 02, 2010

So it's been an obscenely long time since I posted anything whatsoever, but I have a legit excuse! I'm in Aspen, CO for the summer music festival and internet here is sketchy. So is phone service. I denounce you AT&T. Verizon be yo daddy. Plus I have to get a new phone due to this one being on the ritz. Touch screen View by LG, just say NO! Heck NO!!! Pictures are good though, and to that end I have some video to share that could be found on facebook, but I've never posted video here before so here's to something new!

Speaking of new, the ants here are GIN0RMOUS!! Some of these suckers have to be a good 3/4 inch long! Other slightly more interesting sightings were of the bear (cub?) I saw behind the music building and the snake I found and pursued.

Aspen has been really fun. I had my first rehearsal this morning with the concert orchestra and yesterday I rehearsed with the bassoon band! It was fun, there will be a performance this Saturday evening. I also had my first lesson with Nancy Goeres this Wednesday and it was great. We talked about stuff, and I played piard etude #4 in e minor with relative success. She gave me some tips to get low notes out more easily (esp. in this altitude) Reeds, though I hadn't figured them out for my audition yet, are working really well. A quick shout out to Stuart Garlock who very awesomely sharpened my reed knife, thus enabling reed awesomeness.

I just left the concert happening at the music tent, Nancy was Amazing!!! but I did get caught in the rain. :p Aspen and it's weather, ok more later!

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