Friday, March 05, 2010


So I haven't said anything on my blog thus far of the actual important bassoon things that have happened in my life, but everybody knows so there's no point in hiding it.
I've been trying to transfer from Eastman for a while now, and the two places I'm seriously looking into are UT Austin and Curtis Institute. It's been quite a journey I've been thinking about this transfer halfway through my freshman year and decided I would give it a shot during summer break. I considered a lot of schools, Rice, Colburn, Oberlin, and I'm probably forgetting some here, but it ended up boiling down to UT Austin and Curtis.
I got admitted to the Butler School at UT but I'm still waiting to hear from the University. With Curtis, I just took my preliminary audition and passed, so we'll see what happens with that tomorrow.
With summer festivals I actually got waitlisted somewhere! ahh! Aspen finally wait-listed me. Music Academy was a no. (again) and this year I deviated from the normal pattern and applied to RoundTop. I haven't heard from them yet.

It's been quite a year, with lots of developement. Kristen Jensen taught me how to breathe, which is harder than it sounds. XD This has led to a new understanding of where and how vibrato works. I'm still working on that though, since I only learned about it a few weeks ago. It's already made a huge difference in my sound. I feel like a different person! It's also shown me flaws in my reed making- so now my reeds are generally better. That and some hertzburg exercised I got from Lynn Hileman and Mr. Beene.
Everything is still a learning experience. I don't cope well with "new" but I'll find a way to survive.

Feel free to pray for me, it is much needed and appreciated.
So I've discovered that doormen are really really rude. If they ask to help you, don't believe them. They don't really want to help you, they want proof of residency. To decline their offer of "help" will put you in a bad situation. I wish they would say what they mean. sheez.

I'm gonna go blow some air into my bassoon now and then hit the sack (if they dear puddy tats will let me. lolz) But seriously, they're adorable.

oh that's the other thing, I'm staying at the Hart's home. They were super generous and even gave me their bed. Thank you Harts for housing me, keeping me company, getting me apple juice, muffins and feeding me dinner! Daryll is an amazing chef!

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