Sunday, February 07, 2010

So it's Sunday night, everyone has superbowl fever. Except me. lol
I really don't appreciate sports that much, I'm to busy with being a musician. Needless to say, the reason that I'm not taking part in these festivities is partly for religious reasons also. As the main character (Tom Watson) from "Chariots of Fire" put it; "Sabbath's not a day for playing football." The word "Sabbath literally means "set apart" so I agree with Tom in this. Sunday is the day you have to rest from the work you do the rest of the week and especially to study God's word and have fellowship with God's covenant people. The rest of the week is for other stuff.
And since this all I can think to say on this sunday. I'm going to leave off for now. bleah.


this semester I am taking 15.5 credits. lol
I feel like a senior. It's great! I feel like in some ways I have a chronic case of senioritis from high-school that gets inflamed periodically. Like right now, I just played in studio class and did a good job- I surprised myself! But I feel really unmotivated to practice now. In some ways I disappointed myself because I know the mental performance behind the music was not entirely collected. I have such a hard time focusing, it must be some sort of ADD. I remember closing my eyes and then opening them and not being able to find my place! I was lucky that my fingers remembered what to do, but it was only by the grace of God that the right notes came out! Then there was the nightmarish part where I inhaled so quickly that my hair flew in my mouth- without having time to move it, I had to keep going! Then when I inhaled again I got more hair in my mouth!! Moral of the story, use hairspray or tie it up! lol
ok, I need to get back to it.
but first! it's Mu Phi pledge season. haha
this means that all the pledgelings will have to do the embarrassing Mu Phi wave to me. hehehehehe
I think I'll have to think of more embarrassing things that they'll have to do for me... hmmmm

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