Friday, January 08, 2010

So I feel like the only time I ever write on this blog anymore is when I'm bored and sitting in the airport.
In the infamous words of Brett Judson; "whatevs"

So I'm here in DC airport it's 6:33am. Back home in San Diego it would be 3:33am. My flight leaves 8:16 and then I'll be back in the freezing jaws of death called Rochester. I miss my friends.

If there weren't people in Rochester it would not in any shape, way or form be a good place to live. With people it's not a good place to live but without would be so utterly pointless.
you know how some people go purchase great expanses of land in CO or CA or even in some of the more deserty states, just because it's so beautiful and they live on their own because they are totally happy there? Rochester is not one of these places. but enough about negative subjects.

I've been going crazy this break. I applied to several summer music festivals which means lots of recording (thanks dad!). I've been trying to get signed up for classes (not as easy as it sounds). I've been preoccupied with emailing profs and arranging lessons. All in all, I've been extremely busy over break and only took off 4 days (not including sundays when I don't work anyways) It wasn't very break-like, but I'm sure good things will come from all this effort.

So I found it interesting observing an old lady reading her Bible. My first reaction was "oh no, a crazy old person with senile zeal" I actually felt embarrassed. Her public, unabashed reading of scripture I found awkward. I realized that my reaction to this sort of thing was almost akin to my reaction to PDAs- not while people can see you!

But then I realized that my reaction was very culturally based and not the appropriate response of a christian. I should have seen a faithful servant of God diligently and sobermindedly trying to faithfully honor God in all of her actions. I am ashamed of myself.

The flight out to DC was long- I slept through most of it and the result is a sore neck. For some reason I'm not at all tired. I'm doing what I usually do with long layovers. Sitting, blogging, drinking a "fruit" smoothie that I pretend is healthy.

It's snowing here. I'm sure it's just the californian in me- but I hate cold. and snow. This time however, I have a serious coat to battle it, and feel like I am blending in with the eastcoasters! hahahaha
I'm sitting here hoping that the el creepo dude who tried to take me to "dinner" at my hotel will not show up. It's unlikely, but I would not be glad to see him.
It's a funny story, but last time I got confused with "departing time" and "boarding time" and the consequence was me watching people board what I thought was a previous flight (which was actually my flight). I didn't hear any announcements, and when I asked the people behind the counter when we could board they said that boarding time was over and I would have to talk to customer services. ps. if you ever get sent to customer services be prepared to be very very very patient. And when you finally make it through the long line that doesn't move be prepared to be uncharacteristically pushy. They won't listen unless you push. fun stuff.

So the story is I was walking over to customer services, depressed that I had missed my flight over such a dumb mistake and scared because I didn't know what I was going to do, when this cute airlines worker (a dude) walked past and asked me what was wrong. I told him about missing my flight and he offered his sympathies and told me to talk to him if I needed any help with anything.
I just thought he was a really nice guy and so I later did ask him for help, but only after they put me on standby for a late late flight which I couldn't board. They gave a brochure with hotel info and I went and tried to figure it out. Never having booked a hotel before or using the phone service they gave me I just sat there stewing. I'm not stupid, but understanding, esp. taking the time to read even simple things like signs goes directly against my personality. I like to fix the dvd player without reading the instructions thank you. :p
So I'm sitting there and the same cute dude walks up and asks if he can help me. I said yes I was trying to figure out this elaborate system they had and he took my phone and started talking to the operator I had reached, started telling her stuff like "no don't send a van" "can I get the address?" I told him promptly that he was not driving me anywhere and to give the phone back. He called me "mean" and I told him "I'm not getting into a car with you"
but he wants to have dinner with me so I said fine, go in a separate car and I'll have dinner with you and his face dropped. I thought something fishy was up so I called my bible study boys in rochacha and they informed me that "dinner is not actually dinner..."
so long story short, I don't want to run into this guy.

I still have over an hour before my flight, and people are starting to show up in the airport. I'm hearing overhead stories of 15 cold related deaths this winter. Why did I leave SD???

Jubin is going to pick me up from the airport when I get there, and I can't wait to see him. He's an awesome dude.

I'm starting to suspect that my ADD is aggravated by staying awake when I would otherwise be sleeping. I make it a general rule to not say things that I think past 1am since it tends to get me in trouble, and I usually don't blog exactly what I'm thinking as it comes, but this will be an experiment. I can always delete it later if I found I regret saying something later right? wrong. damage will be done. but I am so curious...

so I was watching that show about the 4 nerdy guys who live together and the sexy chick who lives across from them named Penny- it's so funny! I find myself strangely relating to the tall, excessively anal, nerdy guy who irritates everyone with his random and often overly convoluted statements. These statements I feel are intended to impress the intellect of the general public. People are too easily impressed, all he does is recite random facts at seemingly appropriate times (the time is in actuality rarely appropriate). Heck I do that all the time, and it is just as annoying and inappropriate. Though, I don't think I'm quite as anal or socially retarded. and no one thinks I'm a genius...

So what gets me is when they come over and say I'm going to tag your bassoon in case it doesn't fit on the plane. I inform them that there is no way this bassoon will be removed from my person and they always respond "just in case" and tag it anyway. They're wasting tags to put it simply. What about "this instrument is worth more than I am and will not be removed from my person" do they not understand? It's very simple. Maybe they don't take me seriously. I have no idea why. It's not like they know me or anything...

only 45 minutes till we gooo

people are running around with fresh food in their hands and it smells amazing. It is still wayyy to early for breakfast though.

ok. I'm done. before I get tendonitis or any such rubbish.


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