Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So it's been forever since I wrote anything.

This first half of the semester has been really really interesting.

I have discovered that when you are not drowning up to your ears in credits, you suddenly have time for people and extra curricular activities.

New life experiences which were direct results of having time for life;

got a hair cut. it used to be over 3 feet long- now it's a scanty foot and a half! and it's layered!!

went to see a movie on a Monday night. totally irresponsible. btw, it was district 9- I love peter jackson.

fell in love. the real thing, not a crush. not infatuation. not physical attraction. the kind that comes from your soul that causes both joy and pain.

learning tango and it's awesome! I have private teacher who teaches for Free! complete with partners -courtesy of my bible study boys. :D

can now make small talk seem convincing and not so small.

Won an eastman bassoon audition- for Beethoven 4. :)

got hit on by cute random airlines worker...

learning Jazz bassoon. I can improv? no way!

I'm getting really invested in my own religion. before it was just sort of a thing my family did but now I'm coming to a better understanding of it and I am now embracing it practically, in my own life for the first time. baby steps...

gave a recital. yeah, about time. it was Mozart and Weber, with a 5 minute break in between.

bought my own plane tickets, to a destination other than home!

so, that basically sums it up. the freshmen bassoonists are super cool and totally fun to hang out with. I'm making a lot of reeds these days and they're good! :D

I switched from lysol to clorox in preference for the fresh orange smell clorox has. teehee

ok, more later.

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Hillary Schefter said...

clorox v. lysol. I love you Katie.