Monday, January 12, 2009

Well it's been a fabulous Christmas break- I missed my friends at Eastman terribly but I'm going to be missing San Diego even more when I get there.

I'm waiting for my flight in the SD airport (got about a half hour)

Just so you know, the weather is incredible. It just took a turn for the better. It is completely sunny and the Santa Anna winds (local term for desert breezes) are making it warm, dry but totally comfortable. The sun is just awesome. haha

I am not looking forward to leaving. I would like to spend my whole life in this place. 

Over break I got to go to the beach twice, Coronado island and Carlsbad right off the Pacific Coast Highway. I actually tanned and feel so much healthier than when I was scraping by in Rochester on 6 or fewer hours of sleep.

ok, well peeps are boarding...

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Emily said...

You need to change your profile. It says you are at Palomar... :D