Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm home! YaY!!!

You have no idea how good you have it until you leave.

On the other hand- I'm going crazy here. 

I attempted the impossible today- aka cleaning the house. I didn't even vacuum the floor I just did the heavy lifting stuff. Lysol will have to wait till later today- if I can find any here. haha
But it's the messes that you don't notice until you leave that I'm talking about. Now I'm back and I notice. That added onto the fact that I have become the most incredible neat freak. Everything in my dorm is kept clean. Or will be cleaned as soon as I get the chance to clean it. I have a lysol canister the size of a bread box sitting on the shelf that I offer morning and evening sacrifices to...

Also, I think I'm getting sick. Again. 
I don't know why- but I always feel rundown. Well, not always but recently I have and I don't know why.

So I'll be making recordings and getting a drivers license with photo ID instead of the piece of paper with scrawl on it. Yes, loosing a wallet (or having it stolen) is not cool. 

The recordings are for summer festivals. It will be fun. I have the tools to do them all by myself now- which is so exciting. I also have time to practice! It's a miracle. 
Having time to myself means that I can teach myself how to sing parts, sleep, learn about Organ stuff, see people I never see anymore, and eat rea
l food. Yum!
SD is amazing. Can't wait for the rain to stop so we can go dooooo things!

Mom and I put up the Xmas lights! :D

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