Friday, December 19, 2008

Sooo, I'm in the airport. On hold for the 44th minute. Trying to track my baggage. 

The airport has been really trying today. I started this day at 11:30pm eastern time and should (if all goes well from here) at 9pm something pacific time.  And I'm doing this amazing 25 hour day on 4 hours sleep. Yes I am amazing.

First, on the flight from Rochester, NY they put too much fuel in the jet- so that it was too heavy and 9 people had to exit the plane. =Delay

Then the flight to Detroit the pilot was late. No biggie, they found a new crew. But a new problem arises- something again with the weight of the plane and people who didn't board the plane right away had to find a different flight. Tant pis pour ils. Except I was one of ils. lol

Ok so now I go to Pheonix. But that somehow gets delayed for 2 hours as we wait forever to board and then drive in circles for an hour. Long story short, I miss my connection to San Diego. 

So here I am waiting for my 9pm flight in Arizona and they decide that I look like I should be searched. You know those bassoonists with their suspicious back backs that make menacing ticking noises as their uber sensitive dr. beat buttons get pushed.

ok, so now I'm sitting here waiting for my flight and trying to trace my baggage. 58 minutes on the phone has revealed that i must fill a baggage claim to find my bag which I must do pronto. So that is my day of not-heavenliness. lol

ok- time to fill a claim.

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