Friday, February 27, 2009

ok, the weather here is absolutely out of control here! We go from strong (and I mean very strong) winds to cool, sunny, calm weather almost over night. Yesterday it was sunny and windy, today it is really really windy overcast and raining. Tomorrow it will snow. Oh yes. The the blizzard conditions will return.Life is so crazy here. I am getting what is known as the Eastman plague. It's an actual bacteria/virus that makes people really sick here, but not enough to keep them from infecting those who don't have it. (STAY HOME YOU SICK PEOPLE AND STOP BREATHING ON ME!!!!!)
Now it's audition season, and all the little auditionees are here... it was cute at first but now it bugs me. (ps. I'm in a very foul mood right now) 
I just got out of the most harrowing german exam ever. EVER.
But back to auditionees, it's sort of a joke amongst those of us who have actually made it to the other side of the audition process, and we like to freak out the visitors. hehehehe }:D
There was one story of an upperclassmen who was literally pointing to certain auditionees and saying very loudly "NOPE.... well MAYBE"  "Definitely NO" "YES, YES OH OH YES!!!" 
lolz I love it.
I just got out of a really depressing orchestra rehearsal, and as I was walking back to the dorms there were a group of auditionees standing in a circle around some tour guide asking questions. Just as I was just shuffling past them in my moody glory, some girl asked "What's the food like here?" 
I couldn't help myself- I laughed very loudly and sardonically. I was greeted by the sound of uncomfortable silence behind me as people processed the connection between the laugh and the question. 
It was pure gold.

quick disclaimer; the food can be really good here. it really depends on who's cooking (and when it's time to renew a contract... yes again being a rain cloud)

Good news is that now I can go to my bible study since classes are over for the week, I'll make dinner with Ms. Judd and it will be awesome. The next day I'll have another very depressing rehearsal, go to the pastors bday party, and then the Winter Dance. In fact I need to go get the appropriate clothes from my very awesome Bible Study friend Tabitha, so gotta run.  

love and peace (which admittedly have no part in this particular post)

Here at Pastor's house we're having Bible study. Present is the good Darcy, Seth, Mary queen of food on face, Tabs and my knees under the grey blanket. It is Cold at pastor's house!

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