Sunday, November 11, 2007


Ok guys, this is the real deal. If you want to hear THE most awesome bassoon playing in your LIFE this is THE time.

Check it out, Valentin Martchev, a boy from rural Bulgaria whose love and talent for music put him in the big time. He will be playing John Williams' (that's right, the Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Harry Potter guy) "Five Sacred Trees" and the bassoon solo in Shostakovich Symphony No. 9, E-flat major, Op. 70. Keep your ears open for the Star Wars theme, it's there!

Don't miss it! Just tune in on your computer to Or you can tune in with your radio to "kpbs 89.5"

The entire program is;
Haydn: Symphony No. 85, B-flat major ("La reine; The Queen of France")
John Williams: Five Sacred Trees: Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra
Shostakovich: Symphony No. 9, E-flat major, Op. 70
Need more? Read up on it!

How often are you gonna hear something like this anyway? Might I add (on a slightly nerdy note) that this concerto is the first in history to be played with a wooden bocal, instead of metal. Yes my teacher is a real pioneer. Have a wonderful Sunday, and God bless!

November 11, 2007
- 7pm PST
David Lockington, conductorSan Diego Symphony
Valentin Martchev, bassoon

Ok, so if you missed it last night don't give up! I am requesting a link from KPBS so you can hear it online! Who knows? Maybe it will work! I'll put it up as soon as I get it! :)

I've gotten a few questions about my teacher's wooden bocal. What's it like? How does it sound? Who made it?
Here's the link
you can see them, you can hear them! You can read about them!

It's a very new thing, and totally revolutionary -in an old world way. :) I'm gonna have to get me one of those.
So go check it out! It's so awesome!

Until later! -oh yeah, feel free to leave a comment or a question and I will be happy to respond when I get it, I love hearing back from you!

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