Friday, October 26, 2007


So I had to take the SAT yesterday. I'm pretty sure I didn't do well, because I'm sick and while I was in the testing room there were way too many cobwebs in my brain. I only finished answering two sections completely, the rest was all left incomplete. Both of the sections that I did finish, however, had to do with writing. They were 'the essay' and a 'revising paragraphs' section. My math skills got me through high-school with A's but this SAT math seems like it's always out to get me!
Did you know that; Some colleges (more with conservatories) don't even look at your SAT score, because it is soooooo subjective. Especially the essay part, (bad for me, good for others) which is thought to be soooooo subjective that it routinely goes unnoticed. Have I said sooooooooo subjective enough yet? My SAT study book says that the SATs are hardly a good measure of how you are doing in school, and that they should be done away with. YIPEEEE! I'm all for that! Just look at our GPAs, if they're not a show of how well we do in school, then nothing is! I'm not a bad student, I almost always get A's, but the SAT could ruin all of that for me, when colleges look at it and say, ''Well, she's above average, barely, so we know she has a brain... but not much of one. So should we let her in? Naaaa, ok out she goes!"

Ok away from the terrible and hum-drum. Last Halloween I dressed up as a mix of 'the mummy' and 'the creature from the black lagoon'. So hilarious! We put a big, thick rectangular piece of foam across my shoulders and a trench coat on top. Now what did we do? Haha! I stood of the side of the walk-way to our door and waved at the wall in a mechanical motion. The funny part is that people could not tell whether or not I was a machine, and would come up and poke me to see if I was real, then I would startle them by jumping a little towards them. They screamed, jumped, then ran off laughing at what a good joke it was. :)
It was hilarious, especially when you're listening to them say, "It's real! I saw it blink!" and "Hey check out the machine! Wait, is that real? Naaa, here let's poke it to find out!"
Hehehehe. Little did they know... BLAH!!!!

Well, it's time to go back to sleep, I'm exhausted! (because I'm sick)
Until next time!


So the voting is over and I now know everything you think about the bassoon! Muhahaha!!!
And the winner is 'Expressive' with 8 fabulous votes making it the number one choice of audiences and musicians alike! Runners up in order of top to bottom are;
Solid (6 votes)
Ponderous (5 votes)
Dulcet (4)
Exotic (3)
Farty (2)
I'm not going to count adjectives with only one vote to back them up, because those (I think) were done by my ornery sister who just wanted to skew up the results. Thanks munky, you're a pal.

I just wanted to comment on the diversity of opinions that got the same amount of votes...
I noticed at the beginning the votes were pretty unified, for numbers 8, 6, and 5 there was only one adjective selected, it's when you hit 4 that there starts to be a little diversity of opinion. In 4 the biggest diversity I can see is the difference between Dulcet and Buzzy. To me those things don't seem to go together.
In group 3 it doesn't really seem to contradict itself, unless you have a problem with Gorgeous and fuzzy, I don't. I happen to be both gorgeous and fuzzy... ...........
Here in group 2 we have the really juicy stuff! Farty and Beautiful. Hmmm... not the first thing you'd find put together in your thesaurus... but ok. Or maybe it was the case that some kind soul took pity for the shamefulness of farty and tried to balance the emotional seesaw with a polite complement. In which case farty is really the winner here, because it beats a pity vote by 1.
Overall I think this is a really good case for the proof of the diversity of the instrument itself. The bassoon has so many characteristics, that it's hard to put your finger on it exactly. All you can say with any amount of clarity is that the music moved you, you're not sure why, you're not sure how, but there was something in there that you liked, consciously or subconsciously. That being my theory, I think it's safe to say that expressive is a pretty logical conclusion from that.
And now the complaint. The word expressive could describe any ol' instrument.
I guess as far as definitive goes, I'll just have to assume that the bassoon is more expressive than let's say its fellow double reed instrument, the Oboe....

Ok, it's wandered a little bit from the topic of voting, just a little bit, and it's way late, so I'm off to hit the hay. See ya next time!

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