Sunday, November 25, 2007


Well we've seen how the bassoon is expressive, versatile and all that rot... but where did this fascinating instrument come from?
It's so exotic! It can play every role, and speak with any voice. It is truly amazing!

Here's an article that touches on the origins of the bassoon;

It's very interesting. For those of you who think this is all just a bunch of talk, here's an example of the bassoon's versatility and powerful expression, just ignore the insane beard...

This one shows how truly earthy the bassoon can sound, plus as a female bassoonist I find it interesting to see a bassoon section comprised entirely of women. It's a strange occurrence, I have only had the opportunity to play with four other female bassoonists besides myself in an orchestra, and it was never for any extended amount of time. Every other bassoonist has been male. Not a bad thing at all. ;-)

Here is Jazz bassoon, something I'm interested in, but haven't studied much, I think it's a lot better than listening to a saxophone, but of course I'm biased. :D
Did you know; the saxophone started as an experiment to make a metal bassoon? Something must have gone terribly wrong... ;^)

And lastly I wanted to include some pictures of early bassoons, before they were even called a "bassoons." You're probably familiar with the word "dulcet" which means "sweet", well older bassoons were called "Dulcians" -probably from the same root.

Moeck Dulcian -you can actually buy these things online for $3,497!

Basson d'Amour
Bassoon of Love, or lovely bassoon

And now for something completely different...
Faggott, Fagotto, Fagott, are all different spellings for the bassoon's more common names in Europe. It means bundle of sticks, because that's what the bassoon actually was before it evolved.
I don't know if this is necessarily the case, but when I was in Russia I asked the shopkeeper of a store selling sheet music for; "bassoon music," when she didn't understand I said "Fagott?" and she immediately understood and showed me what they had. -Our entire orchestra descended upon and invaded the shop that day; I doubt they've had such good business since! ;)


paul Hanson said...

Hello-sorry to be so forward about jazz bassoon but
you need to check this out:

and this:
I hope the HTML tags work-but if not-please try copying one of them and see where you go. You will enjoy it I'm pretty sure if you like jazz and bassoon. Thanks.

K. Clark said...

Hi Mr. Hanson,

Thank you so much for sharing, feel free to post as many links as you want. It's always great to get this stuff out there. :D

Katie Clark