Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mystery Music

So there is a lot going on and I haven't been diligent about blogging it.. dun dun dun...

So fast and wild recap. GO!

I'm on YouTube again click HERE!

This was a small free performance at the Fine Arts Library at UT which was part of Russell Podgorseck's Excessive Noise Series. My chamber buddy in the video, Thales Smith, was particularly inspired by one of the pieces performed by a soprano and guitar at this concert... so Russell rewrote it for guitar and BASSOON.
I am very excited to say that we are playing it! Will post on YouTube when we perform it!

My senior recital is coming up and I am planning on making this recital a little bigger than the standard affair, ie. less boring. I'm also hoping to use my recital as a benefit concert to raise money for the Humane Society. I will be playing a lot of traditional repertoire, but also something a little less standard.. it's a piece currently being written for my recital by one of the composers at UT, Ben Stonaker. Nope, it's not even in the New Music genre, though there will be one of those obligatory pieces on the program... you knew it had to happen. lol (actually 21st century genre is required to graduate..)

Can you guess the genre of this mystery piece Ben is writing??? ;)
click here for hint
Or leave a comment if you care to guess!

Applying to grad school has been crazy, I've a applied to five already but only taken the auditions at 3 so far. I may not even be done yet, Ms. Jensen keeps suggesting new places for me to apply, but I really want to stay at UT for obvious reasons. So we'll see what happens. I've heard back from only one of the schools at which I auditioned so far (and was accepted yay!) but still waiting to hear back from the other two. I'm not sure where I'm going to come up with the money for grad school, but I'll find a way.

And lastly, I'm finally FINALLY graduating!!! (at the end of the summer.. shhhh...) So EXCITED at the prospect of actually having a degree in my hands!!! The amount of credits I have is insane, I've already earned a degree and a half but I won't get the degree until I finish jumping though all the hoops and climbing over the red tape that is my particular set of degree requirements.

Currently I'm on spring break and SXSW is in town, so naturally I have been doing some serious spring cleaning. Absolutely necessary.  Feels so good. Annnd I'm going to a free show tonight that I am very excited about!!

Previously in this blog I have mentioned my brief encounter with eurhythmics, for which I am so thankful, it has truly been a gift that keeps on giving. Ms. Jensen asked me to help one of my younger studio mates with rhythm comprehension (which I have struggled notoriously with myself) so I gave a mini master class to our freshmen and took the cutest video of them while we had fun exploring rhythm in physical motion! With minimal goofiness.

k, gotta catch a show (and practice). Until next time! :)


Unknown said...

AHHH!!! SO GOOD! Gratz on the performance! It sounded amazing. Can't wait for the vid of your senior recital. Gorgeous poster, btw :)

Katie Clark said...

Thank you so much Unknown!! Your support is much appreciated!! :)

Katie Clark said...
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