Saturday, September 29, 2012

Five Sacred Trees!!!

I don't think I've ever posted video of my performances before, but last Thursday I played for a piano masterclass and my wonderful teacher Ms. Jensen sneakily recorded the whole thing from her ipad. hahahaha
As my grandma Connie says; "nothing is safe anymore!"
hahahaha it's TRUE!!

Well now I'm on YouTube and thus famous... lol or not.

I almost didn't do this, all the way onto the stage I was kicking myself because I had awoken sick that morning with some cold virus/sinus infection thing and was feeling quite poorly. Why I did it still confuses me, but I'm sure glad it worked out. :)

Five Sacred Trees by John Williams, movements 1-2

Click here for movements 3-5

It totals 24 minutes in length and I'll have to play it this Tuesday in Studio Class, the whole thing from memory, to qualify to compete in the concerto competition. Prayers much appreciated!!!

I have to say, that what with this piece being as hard as it is and me being as sick as I was (am), I must give credit where it is due and that would be to Jesus Christ, who sustains me. Without Him I could do nothing.

Also to my pianist Suyeon Kim, who is beyond amazing, incredibly talented, dedicated, ever supportive (even when she has to teach me my part) and just plain nice to boot. I really lucked out.

Also to Ms. Jensen, who has been incredibly patient with me for the past 2 years. I would have gone crazy trying to teach me by now. lol

You guys rock!

Smell ya later!

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