Friday, May 25, 2012

Eastman Graduation

As I sit on a couch that is not mine in Rochester, NY, I contemplate the depth and richness of friendships I am surrounded by in this city. I’ve been in the Eastman area for the past week catching up with my would-be graduating class of ‘12. I’ll see them walk tomorrow. It’s definitely a time of closure for me. Transferring and leaving such wonderful people was probably the hardest choice I’ve made to date.

Tabs, Alex and Emma from left to right
The people of my MOPC Bible Study just pulled together to make one of the best dinners ever!! Alex and Daniel were the hosts and it’s their couch I’m crashing on tonight, out of the many options I had. You know you’re at home when there are wonderful people everywhere who want to take you in. This past week has been a whirlwind of awesomeness, I’m kind of surprised that it’s already coming to an end!! It seems just like yesterday I was trying to make up my mind if I would buy a plane ticket out here. So glad I did. The depth and length of the relationships I’ve formed out here is truly remarkable. At times it feel like I never left, esp. since not much has changed. Though, I’ve definitely changed, for the better I hope!

Eleanor, me, Mrs. Judd, and Heidi

The Pastor’s kids are growing up to be lovely young people. I enjoy being a heroine in the eyes of the older Judd girls and am amused to watch them copy me, which is truly the highest form of praise.. even though it’s probably the case that if they knew better they wouldn’t. ;)

Yes that is delicious appleness spilling over
Chris at the carving and Conrad
at the bottle popping!!

But food for tonight’s dinner was deep fried turkey, thank you Chris, Cranberry Chutney, Mrs. Rev. Judd’s sweet potato casserole recipe, stuffing and sauteed veggies, thank you Alex, and I got the desserts which were apple pie and cream puffs. oh yeah baby, Clarks don’t fool around with desserts. lol

cream puffs and beer.. so much food sexiness!!

But it’s all ending as of noon tomorrow when my would-be Senior class is walking and I’ll be witnessing it all from a balcony in Eastman Theater.

One of the special things about Rochester is the Tango. My first dance partner Daniel and my teacher Alex (who got married to each other.. yes I take full credit) still live in Rochester and we hit the dance floor last Thursday. So much fun!!! Daniel has improved much since I started with him, and we had a lovely dance. I must say that he has far outstripped me as far as dancing is concerned, but that’s ok.. as long as he makes me look good. ;)

Gramert, Erin, Grandbert and Mrs. Robertson
I wish I could document all the wonderfulness of this visit, but it would be impossible. So instead 
 I’ll list those responsible for these awesome times.

Seth, Conrad, and Daniel

Tabitha, Erin, Jamie, Kenny, Seth, Alex, Daniel, Conrad, Ben, Mr. and Mrs. Judd, Eleanor, Heidi, allll the Judd kids, Mrs. Griffiths, Sue Marriot (who passed away last Sunday the 13th), Roy Marriot, Emma, Chris, Patrick, Yuen, Lauren, Natalie, Jubin, Grandmert and Grandbert, Mrs. Robertson, Mr. Terpstra, and Darcy.

Random other people from Eastman who firstly recognized me, secondly acknowledged my presence and thirdly did so in a friendly manner. lol

And of course my home girl Amanda Hays, keeping me properly insane and thus equipped for life as we know it.

I am a lucky lucky girl, not only to have so many wonderful friends but to love and be loved by them. The awesomeness doesn't even end there as I’ll be road tripping back to TX with dearest Tabs. It will be awesome. :D Also saves me tons of $$

It’s also the case that I am reassured of having made the right decision to transfer though it meant I had to leave such wonderful people. I really love Ms. Jensen and am gratified to know that UT is a much better fit for me as far as weather and bassoon is concerned.

Anywho, it’s almost 2am out here, church and gradumacation tomorrow so must stop. Later.

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