Monday, February 27, 2012

Will You be my Valentine?

 Will you be my Valentine??

The past few week have been intense. I got pretty sick within the first week of school but am doing much better now. Looking forward to my Junior Recital on March 30th!! Whoohoo!! It's going to be a good program. Tango Sonatine by Max Dubios, 5 Sacred Trees and my trio named Ménage à Trois will be playing.. and somehow we're going to make this all happen in the span of 30 minutes... lol
This Valentines day was the best Valentines day of my LIFE!!! I hopped on a bus to Houston (thank you Claire and Chris for the rides to and from the buss station!) and eventually made it to Rice University where I got to see an old friend from Eastman named Seth Russell. 
It was not because it was Valentine's day that I went to see him, he just happened to be having his audition that day.. and that was the only time I could go out there to see him. It was fun!! 
We went to a French restaurant called La Madeline and I got a Croque Monsieur and Seth got Les Crepes Poulet and we both finished with this amazingly decadent chocolate cake with the word Sacher written on the top of each slice.. fudge, chocolate mousse, moist chocolate cake and lined with raspberry... otherwise known as Sacher Torte. Yum!! 
Seth Russell and Me

It was good to catch up, but I missed my buss because I was so distracted! Ended up going back to Seth and his fellow auditionee, Marilyn's hotel to wait for my good friend Alex Zdanis to pick me up so I could crash at her place for 2 hours before the next greyhound bus took off. Thank you so much Alex!! Whew! I made it, but it was a rough day, and I had to turn in a paper that morning.. so while I wasn't getting lost or experiencing new adventures I was writing a paper. hahahaha

I also wrote a valentines day poem in FRENCH!!!

Dans la Nuit, -during the night
Je Rêve de Toi -I dream of you

Tes Yeux Bleus, -your blue eyes
J’entend Ta Voix -I hear your voice

Et le Plus -and most
Impressionant -impressively

Ta Musique, -your music
Comme tu resonnes -how you sound

Comment Tu, -how you
Parfaitement -perfectly

Peux sourrire -can smile
Epurement -purely

Manières lisses -your sweet mannerisms
et Cheveux Blonds -and blonde hair

Mains douces, -gentle hands
Donc Je Crois -then I believe

C’est Pourquoi  -this is why
Je Rêve de Toi -I dream of you

I am very excited about a new Tango that Russell Podgorseck is writing specifically for our Trio.. it's going to be awesome man!! 
(Hear the performance in the "video" below! We call ourselves "Menage a Trois" which I somtimes jokingly spell menage a trio... ;)
from left to right we have the lovely Claire (Mashburn) Grooms, Nicholas Councilor and me.
The piece itself is called "Volcadas" which are a particular type tango move. This move is special because, like the piece, it totally takes you off your axis of balance. The volcada dance move effectively causes the follower to put all of her body weight on the leader, with whom she is dancing, in a trust-or-fall position, thus shifting her center of balance or axis.

I love tangos, in case it wasn't obvious. hahaha That being said it has been difficult to dance much tango this year, partly because I can't stand bad breath (which seems to be an overwhelming trend amongst tango men) and because there aren't very many good people to dance with. If I had a partner to work with I'd be THRILLED simply because I would have the guarantee of progress, which is all I really want.  But it's problematic when you only go to practicas sporadically and never get to choose with whom you get to dance, one of the silly tragedies of the male dominated system that governs tango. It's not really male dominated, but for whatever reason the followers aren't supposed to ask the leaders to dance.. a rule I break periodically. There are NEVER enough men to dance with so this makes for a lot of sitting around, and frankly I haven't got time to just sit around and wait for some dude to deem me worthy of dancing with him. So I don't go unless I bring a friend or better yet a DATE.. hahaha in my dreams.

This morning after frantically editing a 7 page paper in 1 hour and 45 minutes, I submitted it and did something drastic. I dyed my hair a vibrant shade of RED!!! To be honest it was a little bit of an accident.. but every time I have to submit something significant for that class I do something drastic to my hair. The first time it was just a cut.. but now I have a new identity... Ms. Jensen suggested I get one of those Elizabethan cones that dogs wear so that I can't go crazy again. hahahaha

It's time for bed, good night!!

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