Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Junior Recital

So bassoon over here at UT is really kicking off. Placement auditions went ok, the summer camp I taught at this summer, UT Long Horn Band Camp, was a great experience. I feel like I learned so much more from teaching all the middle and high school kids than I could have ever taught them. But that has come and gone all to fast and now I'm currently full swing into the semester with two competitions on my plate and two ominous papers coming up.. I don't mind the competitions as much, but papers are such a waste of valuable time!! lol
So things have generally been crazy, I am not sleeping due to midterms littering my schedule and the insane amount of preparation needed in order to make acceptable recordings for this first competition. I'm glad not to be doing my Junior recital until next semester, that will give me some time to prepare the Tango Sonatine that I really want to do. Yay!
The Trio I'm in is fantastic, we gel really well and though our repertoire choice is "easy" we're really making something out of it and having great time in the process. The large ensemble I'm in is New Music, and I have to admit that new music is not always my fav.. especially when there is contra bassoon involved. Don't get me wrong, I love to hear contra in the hands of a real contra player.. but that would not be me and so I don't love hearing it as much.. hahaha ps. New Music is really harrrrrd
more later, I'm exhausted. Ciao!

This is a really cute/funny reed making "how to" video, I don't agree with all the steps, but it's amusing nonetheless! 

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