Thursday, May 19, 2011

A whole 'nother year

Since the Capitol Quartet has officially disbanded for the summer, I am reclaiming my blog for my own personal use.

I had just finished watching Paris Je t'aime when I looked out of the window to see the sun beginning to creep through the thick clouds giving a pinkish hue as it began to set. I was overwhelmed with nostalgia as I remember a day very similar in Rochester when I had to leave Eastman never to return. Getting in that taxi cab saying goodbye to Luke and his wonderful mom was probably one of the saddest things I had to do. As I sat in my apartment in Austin thinking of that goodbye it struck me that the weather now was almost identical as it was that day in Rochester, slightly overcast but not cold. It also struck me that this is the one year anniversary since I left Eastman and it summoned memories that almost brought back tears... except no tears happened, which is too bad as that would have made this paragraph more interesting. XD

However, now whenever I start to miss Eastman and all the wonderful people there I try
to remember why I uprooted myself to come to Austin. As I contemplated all the stuff that happened this year, how much I had grown as a person and a bassoonist, I find myself exceedingly grateful for the wonderful opportunities and experiences that have
literally been thrown in my lap since I came here.

I looked to my iPhone (another wonderful thing that happened to me since I came to Austin) and went through the pictures and videos that I would like to share.. it's a small snapshot of everything I saw this year. Granted, all of these things hold a different amount of significance to other people than they do to me, but hopefully these images and videos will communicate some of their precious meaning to the reader in a way similar to my understanding.

This is the pastor from All Saints Presbyterian Church in Austin, he runs a bible study called "Hill House" because it meets in a building over a century old that is a land mark in Austin. Cool guy, reminds me of Sean Connery in the way he speaks. Very interesting bible studies. I def. recommend.

This vid was taken while I stood through the sun roof of Paul's car, I cannot tell you how exhilarating the rush of wind through your hair is at 40mph.

On the left we have a large grasshopper that I got excited about, though I doubt too many people will sympathize with my fascination of a grasshoppers clinging to glass randomly.

Something I think the world should be able to appreciate

is Amanda's sexy s'more picture. This was a little random, we were in a shop, got s'mores and decided to send a taunting picture to our dear friend Matt back in Rochester. The sad thing about Rochester is that there is literally nothing to
do, so it was unkind to send this picture to poor Matt who was probably bored out of his mind, but is sexy no?

This happened on a little excursion downtown with Michael. He had a rain cloud over his head so I did the kindest thing I thought to do and pulled him into slightly sketchier alleyways in Austin where he felt so uncomfortable that he forgot how miserable he was. Notice my attempt to camouflage with the green trash cans.. events later that night included going to East 6th, being harassed by the homeless, frozen yogurt, and a bizarre event where a hippie lady that we didn't know forced us to hold hands in a chain until we had reached our destination...

yay for hippie love?

Contra bassoon reed thread! JK it's actually just some colorful wiring that was being used in construction of the music building.

This takes place in the reed room and is indicative of what happens everyday in that room. The pop music comes on and we get our reed making groove on. Thanks to Leah for being a sport, I think the vid only made her a leetle uncomfortable.

And this post wouldn't be complete without an appearance from the male spectrum
of the Capitol Quartet, Michael (up close, and who didn't write his blog post nudge nudge) and Pearson (on the far end)
Amanda and I met a horse on the drag (the local term for Guadeloupe st.) The drag is in no way what its name implies, as it is one of the most interesting streets one might ever have the opportunity to traverse. There is literally no knowing what you will see next out here. This is just one example of the interesting things you might see. However, he's not a police horse, or a carriage horse. I'm not even sure what he does, though I do know that he was part mule and it was nice meeting him. hahaha

On the UT campus it was hilarious to see how my tuition was being spent. Thank you large yellow signs, I have noticed.

These were some cool looking 'shrooms I saw on a bike ride, they looked more orange in person and made me think of UT. Hook'em!

On the drag, just an ordinary sunny day.

The capitol at night.

Amanda and I got spruced up for a shopping excursion to the mall, it was spantastic!!!

Another reed room movie

Caught Bevo struttin' his stuff by the stadium

And finally some End of School Studio Class candid Vids!! I love my studio!! Featured teacher and performer are Nathan and Nicole. Congratulations to both as Nathan is graduating with his PHD and Nicole just finished her first semester. It was Nathan's task to help Nicole in her interpretation of Bordeau's Premier Solo through his interpretive dancing skills. UT laughs boldly in the face of convention, we don't have time for that in Texas.
PS. We will really miss you Nathan.

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