Monday, March 14, 2011

Capitol Quartet Update #2

We have finally arrived in the magical land of Houston! It was magical and it was rainy. We almost didn’t make it because of the torrential downpour and strikes of lightening that threatened our drive. Luckily, Katie and I had Pearson, the strong, courageous driver and his trusty Ford Taurus, to guide us through the storm.
After navigating the maze of pavement and anxiety we finally came to rest at our super shwanky hotel, the Alden of downtown Houston. We were quickly beckoned away however by our 2 o’clock appointment with Cheryl and Benny Huddleston. Only to be stopped yet again by the raging traffic of Houston.
“And when we say stopped, we mean LITERALLY STOPPED” –Pearson.

Lady Gaga and Rhianna brought us through the cars and debris to Cheryl’s house where we were greeted by her smiling little

5-month-old son, Benny. For 2 hours Cheryl walked us through the steps of Herzberg style reed making.

She provided us each with blanks and taught us how to scrape and test the reed. We all found this new style of reed making very unique and beneficial. The Herzberg style really stresses the importance of response, intonation and a core-centered tone. I am lookingforward to using these new methods in my personal reed making time.

After leaving Cheryl’s house we were lead by the GPS to a botanical garden… only to find it was a playground.
The little kid park turned out to be quite pleasant and we sun-napped, swung and talked about black-widow spiders. Thanks to our resident quartet black-widow
expert, Katie.
Back downtown again we found an overpriced parking garage and wandered around only to find more overpriced food. We settled on a nice little Chinese/Vietnamese restaurant and filled up
on chicken, shrimp, rice and jugs of Hoisin sauce.

We sauntered back to our hotel rooms ready to practice, relax and take advantage of the 24-hour fitness room. And now we are currently planning our day tomorrow!!! Hopefully tomorrow will find Pearson relaxed enough to drive again. I’m not worried though because he is taking a stress bath tonight.


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