Thursday, March 03, 2011

Capitol Quartet Update #1

So this was our second rehearsal with the Capitol Quartet, and it's super exciting to see how we are coming together as an ensemble. Our first rehearsal I think we were kind of clueless as to what to expect or do, but we are starting to blend and work together.
Finding how the leading role in the music shifts from one person to another is also something I think we started to touch on. Though contrary to popular thought, the leading line isn't limited to the first bassoon part.
The whole idea of contributing your line tastefully to make the whole group sound good, and not thinking of yourself constantly as a soloist I think is so cool. I guess you could call it passing the baton from one bassoonist to the next, and not hoarding it for yourself... so like teamwork. It's so cool. I could say it's so cool all night.

Also, the idea of making "music" out of bassoon quartet music isn't as easy as it seems. As a bassoonist, my personal opinion is that the bassoon isn't always that aesthetically pleasing to the ear all the time. However, the key to making it worth your time is making music out of the line you have with the tools you have. Wow. It takes an immense amount of creativity and attention to detail. Plus, bassoon can't play fast interesting lines like the flute, violin, or clarinet... so that means one more limitation.
Yeah, it's not an easy job but it is very rewarding to do it successfully. I think our quartet is capable of creating truly interesting music through our teamwork, that can rival even the prettiest instruments. We have the soul, they have the good looks... it's all in what you're looking for I guess. (those of you who play pretty instruments.. no offense intended)

Tomorrow we have our COFA meeting where we'll brainstorm ideas for our project, it will be exciting! We'll probably follow that with a rehearsal in preparation for a few coachings we'll have with Ms. Jensen next week.

Ok, time to study for tomorrow's music history quiz... *sigh*



Leah said...

Your ensemble sounds so cool :) I love playing in ensembles for the wonderful interactions in the parts to make a beautiful whole. Keep having fun!
P.S. Thinking of you.

K. Clark said...

:) Thanks Leah