Thursday, October 09, 2008

My first Music Theory teacher, Dr. Weller, told me once that "most of the stuff you learn at college does not happen in the class room." lol It's so true. It's like an intensive "how to grow up" experience that just costs way too much. ;) 
But yeah, the thing about work, esp. entering a professional field, is not about how perfect you are, but how hard you try and the attitude you bring to it. The truth is; however hard you try, you're going to mess up. That's the most important thing to keep in mind. How much you mess up however should change as you continue to work in your field. And as you keep in mind that you will always mess up, that should motiva
te you to practice so as to minimize your number and severity of mistakes. You can never be perfect.

That's just how life is, with time constantly marching on. It's completely up to you how you deal with every new situation. All you know is that you need enough money to survive and to be happy. To have money, you must work. To have work, you must be kept employed. To be kept employed you must constantly (as an entertainer) satisfy your employer. To satisfy your employer you must give 100%.
On the other side, to be happy you must enjoy your work. To enjoy your work you must love it and have a positive attitude. Because, if you do it without caring, it won't make you happy and chances are it won't be so good. Doing a poor job is never satisfying and doesn't make you happy. If you do it because you want to do we
ll (keep your job, and be happy with your work), you will learn to love it, and in loving it you will give 100%. 

So that's why it's ok to make mistakes, because they will never disappear but as long as you give 100% those mistakes will slowly be les
s obvious. 

I know I'm not being as clear as I need to be, but I'll come back someday and edit this page so that I can be happy. ;)

This is my bible study on our camping trip over fall break. It was so much fun! -the bugs and germs.
from left to right
Seth, me, Brett, Andre, Luke, and Tabitha- all sitting on a log next to the play ground

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