Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Well life has been really busy here in Rochester, NY.

I finally have a little time to myself because I am quite sick with a cold and fever. I'm going to the nurse tomorrow to see if I have strep- and get proper documentation that I am indeed sick so that I don't get marked down in classes for not showing up without a reason. It's a pain, but it's just one more of the many circus hoops to jump through before anything can happen. 
Before that I managed to lose my wallet- so AAA card, medical insurance, drivers license, debit card, bank account card, pictures and substantial amount of cash were either left someplace by me, or taken from me while I was not paying attention. :( It's kind of ghetto here, just one block down and the entire neighbor hood changes. I have reordered the d
rivers license and have a new bank account and thank goodness no one was able to use my debit card but until then I will be sticking to the campus since I am broke without plastic. lol

Blah, away from the humdrum and awful

I am really exited about the German class I am taking right now- which I believe bumps me up to 21 credits this semester. haha 
Why is she taking German? -you ask
To go to Frieburg. -she responds
What's so hot about Frieburg? -you ask
The conservatory. -she responds

Yes, in two years I hope to be a student at the Frieburg Conservatory in Germany. I know I've talked about going to France to get a better understanding of the language and study at their conservatories, but it just isn't the best place for studying bassoon- unless I want to switch to French basson (yes basson) instead of staying with the German model, which is what pretty much everyone uses outside of France. 

But here at Eastman, though it feels like there is never time to practice- they do manage to keep you inspired. Here's a clip that I find incredibly impressive and was shown to us at Eastman Colloquium (yet another class)

In Aural Skill class I have discovered that I have a pretty low voice- like I can sing lower than an alto... ha ha? Whatever- I think Philippe here is smoking hot.

I miss San Diego just a bit, and can't wait to go back. The weather here hasn't been too bad, but SD weather always always kicks butt. It just doesn't get much better.

The lessons with Mr. Hunt are very interesting- we 
go kinda nerdy about the bassoon at lessons. He is very good about finding my problems, pointing them out, and then telling me what I need to do to fix them. The scale study he makes us do is brutal. If there are any problems with your playing, this scale study will make them obvious. I really need to work on two things, pitch and rhythm. lol, rhythm esp.
The last lesson his comments on the etude were more stylistic than anything else so I think maybe that is a good thing. But he is a strong advocate of long tones, and I hate long tones. So I will be doing long tones. They're just really tough. You have to keep the air consistent and really pay attention to how the reed, embouchure, support, and throat combine to make sound with good tone and intonation. Btw, tone and intonation are Not the same thing. You should never sacrifice one for the other. If you do it right you shou
ld go for tone before intonation, because having good tone should cause you to have good intonation.

I never realized how important it is for college students to talk with their friends and family still living at home- you can go a little crazy at college and forget about really basic stuff like eating properly and sleeping properly and a hundred other little things that just add up. The problem is just that there is never enough time to do everything. So the things that go usually have something to do with personal comfort. Do not worry! I shower everyday and that will not change. But also you can pick up some pretty unhealth
y mentalities when you're under so much stress- so that's why it's really important to talk to peeps who still have their head screwed on properly. lol

Another thing about Eastman is that there isn't much hand holding that happens here. They just expect you to know it and do it. bang. You're at Eastman, so be perfect. Nnnnow! LOL but soo true. So far I haven't fallen into any of the normal holes students fall into, but I did miss a lesson because I scheduled it for the same time as the German class I was taking. Yeah I know, smooth move. Then I slept through reed class and y
esterday I couldn't make it to Master Class because I am sick. Or any of my other classes for that matter. I still don't think I will go to classes today, because even though I am not currently running a fever, my tonsils are pretty bad. I don't want to share this newfound joy with anyone else. Also, I'm pretty sure that I got this cold from a moron who went to class when they shouldn't have and was coughing their head off behind me. I'm sorry, I tried not to breathe but that just did last for very long... 
If you're going to class sick (with a cough like that) please turn to a direction where no one is sitting before you cough and if you could, cough into a jacket or your shirt, that would be terrific. 

One last thing, I no longer have a dorm mate. We had our
 differences and decided to get separate rooms. I think we are both happier people now. And she moved out just in time, I got sick the next day. haha 
My lil sis likes to joke that I drove her away, so now I am the girl who made her Kindergarten teacher cry and drove away her dorm mate. LOL I love it!

Well, can't say when my next post will be- but it will be. So there. :D

Guten Nacht!

Eastman Quintet!


Douglas and Nicole said...

Hey, guess what? I speak German! Well, not fluently, but some. BTW, if the "i" comes after the "e" if it's pronounced "I" (or vice versa) and the "n" is dropped in guten if you say nacht afterward. (It took me a while to figure that out.) But, I love you anyway. :)

K. Clark said...

haha, thanks :D So you're saying it's Gute Nacht?