Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On dit que...

On dit que l'amour est beaux,

C'est brilliant comme le soleil!

On dit que l'amour est douce,

et touts qui pass sont enchanté.

On dit que l'amour est fort,

coeurs sont son stabilité.

On dit que les coeurs sont faible,

pleine d'haine et passioné.

On dit que l'amour est fait

des coeurs qui sont amoureux,

L'heine se lutte contre l'amour

et tout qui passe est disgracieux.

This poem was an optional assignment for the French 215 class that my lil sis and took last semester. This week I will do the formal graduation from the French program offered at Palomar Community College. Thanks to my lovely professors Chantal Maher and Judith Fauconnier I have enjoyed all five semesters very much, and hope to go to France one day to see what all the fuss is about. ;p

Translation for those who speak English:

It is said that love is beautiful,
all shining like the sun.
It is said that love is sweet,
and witnesses are enchanted.

It is said that love is strong,
hearts are it's stability.
It is said that hearts are weak,
full of hate and impassioned.

It is said that love comes
from hearts in love.
Hate pits itself against love
and all that happens is unpleasant.

Yeah, it definitely sounds better in French! :D


On joue du basson, en français.

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