Friday, May 09, 2008

#37 Eastman!

Ok, I promised everyone I'd post all about the colleges- this is that post.

Eastman: Accepted

So that's what happened, and my school choice is Eastman. YaY!
Oh yeah, I was offered a free ride at Wyoming U, but I really feel that I belong in a conservatory so that's where I'm going.

Music is such a funny thing, the more you know, the more you don't know.

Anyways John Hunt, the bassoon professor at Eastman, is great. He actually called me and asked me if I had any questions about Eastman- how's that for nice? He's super tall (well everyone is tall standing next to me) and nice, and the first professor to say "It's important to have fun, you gotta have fun!" :D

It think this is going to be quite a year. My parents are certain that I am going to get my butt kicked at Eastman and I agree completely.

Well, I need to go participate in the activity called Life now so I'll catch y'all next time!


Cat in a Clamshell said...

Congratulations, KT! <3 :-) I'm glad you've decided to go to Eastman!

K. Clark said...

:D Thanks! It's a relief to know where I'm going! How are you doing?

Talk to you later!