Saturday, January 26, 2008


So it looks like I may get my first student soon! So far a couple of people have actually contacted me, but one of them thought I lived in Long Beach, so that didn't work out. The other hung up on me when she found out that I was in High School...

-Still in the scramble to apply to colleges. It gets more hectic every day!
Here's the list. If anyone would like to put in a good word for me at any of these schools, I would be much obliged!

Colburn School of Music
Eastman School of Music
Mannes the New School for Music
Manhattan School of Music
San Francisco Conservatory
Juilliard School of Music

You know what this means... practice practice practice!


Matt Morgan said...

Hey Katie,

I found out from your dad that you're quite the Bassoon player. I'll try not to hold that against you as a Trombone player...hehe! At least my wife will go to bat for the bassoon as a Flute player.

Wish I could help you with your music school applications. We have a couple of very talented teens at our church here in Berkeley. One is the principle cellist in the SF Youth Orchestra, and he just started at the SFCM this past fall. Not sure I (or he) can give you any tips.

If you make it up to SF, drop me a line. We're just across the bridge in Alameda.


K. Clark said...

I'll be up there this month for lessons and auditions, maybe you and your wife could recommend some place where we (you, your wife, my mom and I) could get dinner sometime? :D
If so, shoot me an email;

Look forward to hearing from you!

K. Clark said...
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