Friday, November 26, 2010

something crazy

so I've had this urge to do something out of control and crazy for a while. Nothing significant has manifested itself, it's mostly come out in smaller interactions with other people.. again nothing life changing but something different.
I like it when things keep changing and moving and progressing. If things hold too still I feel like I'll burst! maybe that's why I had to transfer.. haha

I was sitting in chipotle today with some other musicians and I stopped in the middle of a conversation because my mind was immediately drawn to the background music in the restaurant. and then *blushes* I analyzed it in front of them.
Thanksgiving night I was talking to dearest Torsty-poo and complaining to him about what aural skills has done to us. I said to him, "don't you hate it that you can't hear a song without breaking it down to it's constituent elements?" and he responded, "why? I love knowing what's going on" and I said "well it's like not being able to stop thinking about grammar when you hear someone speak" and he responded "but I LOVE grammar!"
lol and that is the difference between Torsten and I. Though admittedly he has a point.

Finals are soon approaching. I have to complete several stringent requirements for Ms. Jensen in order to get an A in bassoon... wow. And then also in contra. lol and then for reeds... and then I have jury on top of that. oh yeah and finals. goodness gracious.
I really can't wait to go home. It seems like I haven't been there in forever, but then when I skype my family it feels like I never left.

I like Austin. I gives me sinus infections and if I can graduate with something of an immune system left over, after all the antibiotics, I'll consider myself lucky. I love the place where I live, it's SO funny!! Firstly it's a dump, secondly, every evening these birds called "grackles" come out of nowhere and everywhere and circle my apt. whilst screeching to each other. Mom thinks that they're trading roosting locations and suggestions. But when they start doing that, they're thick! They make Hitchcock's "The Birds" look like nothing. And the air reeks with the smell of bird. It's inescapable. When you're going down the drag sometimes you get a strong wiff or two of car fumes or cigarets or fast food etc. but in the evening you smell nothing but bird. Or maybe it's the smell of bird crap? who knows. hehehehe lurvely.

but that's the other thing, the sidewalks under these trees are quite literally painted with the vivacious colors of bird sh*t. I've been welcomed to Austin with the kind greeting of one grackle who was kind enough to share his digested lunch with the top of my head as I passed underneath a tree. Then I had to ride a bus home and really hope that no one could see that I was sporting the latest fashion de birdet.

My 21st birthday is coming up, and it's going to be BIG!!! :D I think I'll go to a pub or something like that. What fun it shall be! I can't wait until I'm allowed to drink already. I think this drinking age is stupid. It should be when you turn 18. If you're a legal adult then then you should be a legal adult, none of this half-way goofiness.
Ok I'm going to stop because I feel rant mode coming on... so this probably a good time to stop.


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