Monday, September 13, 2010


So it's been forever since I checked my own blog, so I can't even remember if I posted anything about transferring, but it has happened. I am here at University of Texas at Austin living in my awesome apartment. Everything here is pretty sweet, my teacher, the school, the weather, the food, my studio mates, the single dwelling apt. which is all mine.. mine.. mine...... haha but seriously I am excited not to have to share a room with anyone. I have two different Bible studies I can attend, one called hill house which is run by the PCA minister at All Saints, and the RUF bbl stdy that I haven't actually attended thus far that meets on campus... I should get around to that...
but here we also have free access to a gym, which I find totally exciting! I get to go running in a state of the art facility with air conditioning! I would run outside if it were less humid, but there's something addicting about being able to look down and see exactly how many calories you've burned, how long you've been going, incline, heart rate etc. I like machines!XD ok this is a false statement half the time but whatevs.
I also have a fantabulous church community who has opened their arms to me every Sunday. I can't even remember everyone's name, but they all know me! Everyone greets me and inquires as to my well being with a warm heartfelt smile. The Van Dams have been incredibly kind in driving me to and from church almost every Sunday, except when they are out of town- and in that case thank you Hannah Benoit and Mr. and Mrs. Hughes! Every afternoon someone from the church takes me into their house and feeds me lunch, and the way people just line up to ask me into their homes is just so amazing. I really feel I have found a fantastic church community that will take care of me in my state of relative dependance as a student without personal means of transportation.
So my bassoon studio is the bomb. In every studio you have the really good people, the people in the middle, and the people at the bottom of the totem pole.. but in this studio everyone I have heard so far is a kick butt bassoonist. Kristin Jensen is the bomb and even though I'm having to relearn tons of old habits, I have complete confidence this will make me a better player in the long run. Ms. Jensen, is such a good teacher!!! I have learned more from her about how to play the bassoon than ever before! It's changing my sound, her big thing is aiming for "Zing!" and using proper posture/support. She is really attuned to how it's important to pay attention to what you are doing physically, since it will ALL affect your playing. All of her students get really amazing bassoon sounds out of their instruments and I am so excited to be a part of this studio, aaaand I'm so glad she likes transfer students! haha
So classes have been going well, I like my written theory prof. waaay much, never thought I would say that but she's super cool! I can't stand theory profs. who are anal and insecure, she's such a refreshing change! (with a smaaaall exception of other theory profs. I've met) However aural skills isn't going so hot. I didn't think I would need to register for it, but things changed and now I'm taking this class for the 3rd time... it is not exciting and the story behind that is gross and involved. no more shall be said.
So, on a completely different note, I have died my hair a dark blonde. I like it, it goes well with my tan. XD
I'm painting my bathroom, and have moved my furniture multiple times for the optimal space efficient setup.

<-- LOOK HIPPIE PAINT JOB!!!! :D dude that's Rockin'!

-I am studying jazz bassoon again, back to square one. Evidently I was missing some crucial fundamentals which I am learning now.
-It looks like the piano dept. will graciously let me test out of 3 semesters, leaving only 1 more before I'm completely done with piano forever.
-My trio is awesome, we are comprised of flute, harp and of course bassoon, and we're playing Jolivet's Patorales de Noel. It's purty.
=And the fun stuff, I had a TeRRible placement audition and was placed in the lowest group for music majors, but they had a concert on Sunday, so I have placed into the non-music major band. It's cool, the peeps there are talented and it's a good experience. You learn different things in every group, and though I am not taxed nearly the same way I was when playing next to Steve Dibner, it's good experience.
speaking of which, there is a super cool picture on Facebook that I just HAVE to post here because it is Hilarious!! haha


{}~ <-- look, it's a bassoon emoticon!!! hahaha!!

ok, it's sleepy time, I have an early morning bible study, if I can raise myself out of bed :p

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