Thursday, March 27, 2008

LAst audition


Check out the beautiful sunset!

All my friends and family have all made smart remarks like "nice smog" instead of appreciating that smog can be beautiful! Just look at those colors! *cough cough*

Anyway it's been a fun trip. Stopped at Chapman U. to check it out, it is one of the most beautiful campuses I've ever seen. Unfortunately I don't have a picture but it was just gorgeous! It had an impressive fountain and sculptures with well kept lawns and buildings that looked like roman temples! Highly cool :D

The next day at Colburn I auditioned, took a Music Theory test (yeah!) and wrote an essay. I got got to hang with my friend there and we had a great time. She was the student of both of my teachers; Tammy Harris, and Valentin Martchev.

On another note; that part of LA is so pretty! There are fountains everywhere and art and all the people are really nice. We stayed at the Omni hotel, and it was the best hotel you'll ever stay at. I shouldn't call it a hotel, it was more like a palace!

On a slightly nerdy note, did you know that the word Omni is derived from the Latin word "Omnia" which means "all"? It totally fits because this hotel is so comprehensive -it has it all!

Oh yeah, if you are going to Colburn, make sure to stop at the California Pizza Kitchen (right across the street), it's worth it.

Colburn is across from one of the coolest pieces of architecture in the world, Disney Hall.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to any concerts there, but maybe someday I will.

The bassoon lessons continue with my one and only student Jason. He's very talented but really doesn't have time to practice, which is sad. But since he is so talented he makes progress anyway. We worked on one of his ensemble pieces and reeds. Next time he will bring his own blanks and I will show him how to wrap them. I'm very proud of that kid.

I am still in limbo concerning conservatories, I've heard from some but not from others and it's just a matter of time now. :-/ When it's all said and done I will tell which ones said yes and which one's said no.

Until my next post! Chookas! (means "good luck"in Australia and is way cool!)

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