Friday, February 15, 2008


So a lot of stuff has been happening, and I've been to busy to blog it. I should be getting ready for tomorrow as is. So to keep it short:
SDYS did a Side-by-Side rehearsal with the San Diego Symphony, which was awesome. I'm sorry I didn't announce this before so that y'all could come but it totally slipped my mind.

Anyways the Side by Side was incredible. I got to sit next to my awesome teacher Valentin Martchev and he even let me play some of the solos. It was so exciting! However, even better, I think I made him proud in front of all his colleagues, except for that bit at the end where I couldn't tell what the conductor was doing and got a little off from the strings. Other than that is was a smashing performance! :D

Last item:

I have my first audition coming up soon (scary ;). The other day I got my finger caught in the beater while I was trying to insert the mixers into the sprockets. Little did I know that the stupid thing was on and bent my finger backwards for about 8 seconds. Not long enough to break, sprain, rip, pop, or tear anything but still long enough to cause serious pain and anxiety.
I had to drop all the sports I was involved with to protect my fingers and now I am being attacked by kitchen tools. *sigh* Since then, mom has banned me from the kitchen. This is the second beater incident. The first time the beater attacked me was when I was mixing dough with it, when suddenly it grabbed a stray wisp of my hair and before you knew it was holding 75 percent of the hair on my head in a vice grip- dough and all!

Ok I really should go now; I will tell you how it all goes when I return. Wish me luck!

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