Saturday, June 13, 2009

so, in case anyone didn't already know this (because I know I don't put it on my blog that much) I am in fact a Calvinist. Shocking I know especially if you've payed attention in your history classes. Yes most of them were killed off, but their theology survived and it is to this theology that I subscribe. If you don't know what Calvinism is, a similar religion is Puritanism. One of the more popular beliefs of the early American pilgrims. 
Anyways, my pastor of the URC (United Reformed Church) that I attend has this fantastic website;

check it out if you too are a Calvinist or just curious to see how this bizarre, antiquated religion managed to survived the many many years, near extinction of it's subscribers and the great onslaught of modern enlightenment. :D

Here's a random page on Calvin from wiki- I think it's pretty accurate, but didn't spend extensive research time on it;

Happy 500th Birthday Calvin!!!

My dad has this really amazing reformed blog where you can ask any question you like, it's called the Heidelblog
and you should check it out- it is pretty deep.

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